about this project…

this project is about holding the tensions of anti-capitalist politics while attending business school.

it’s about building community and sharing resources, about being held accountable to my politics and continuing a dialogue, and it’s about creating new strategies and critically analyzing the ones already out there.

most importantly, it’s about learning. together.

let’s learn the system we want to dismantle and create something better.

humbly & solidly yours,

One thought on “about this project…

  1. Hi, Fischer!
    Jessica Rosenberg sent me the link to your blog. I never went to business school, and I’m a bookkeeper (self-taught, in a food co-op, many years ago). I’ve always been looking for ways to dismantle the system, and the co-operative model is one I tried in various ways for quite a while. At least it keeps wealth from moving steadily upwards, and producer and worker co-ops even reward work rather than consumption. Co-ops are lousy revolutionary tools, however, inside state-subsidized capitalism.
    What’s clear to me is that we’ll continue to need a system to share goods and services, and that for the foreseeable future, currency will facilitate that exchange. What’s equally clear to me is that economics as a scholarly discipline is full of holes, and that the existing economic system is profoundly shaky. I find that pretty exciting! As more and more of us are dispossessed by austerity measures, globalized financial markets, and the corruption of governments by wealthy individuals and companies, I’m curious how we’re going to figure out ways to share goods and services anyway, in order to survive. Maybe you’ll have some insights, after studying the beast with a critical eye.

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